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Brian Nesbitt

After six years successful use,the sight became detached from the barrel. One e mail later, I was supplied, free of charge, replacement adhesive tape and up to date instructions. Superb service!

John Allott

What a fantastic company. Thank you Paul for dealing with my request so quickly, within 2 days I received a replacement adhesive tape which I needed and it was free of charge. I would certainly recommend easyhit as a business to deal with. Many thanks.

Stephen Smith

Having seen EasyHit advertised I purchased two previously top be fitted to my semi automatic and a Beretta over and under , now sold .Treated myself to a new Beretta Silver Pigeon , so again ordered a bead for that gun . I put the order in on 15 Jan before 1pm , paying by PayPal . The bead arrived today in first post . Talk about excellent service . Some others companies could take note. Aside from that I find using the beads definitely helps me with my shooting . Would definitely recommend both the product and the company

Paul Smith - Meriden
Exceptional Customer Service

I had removed a couple of EasyHits from guns using the instructions on their website (hint - use fishing line) and wanted to re-use them as they were still in perfect condition. I contacted EasyHit and asked if they sold the adhesive strips and received an email from Paul within minutes asking what size my EasyHits were and saying he'd put some in the post. I supplied the sizes by return email and within a couple of days two adhesive strips, along with instructions and the correct cleaner arrived in the post - Exceptional customer service. 

Many thanks.

Bruce Chapman - Redhill
Improved Shooting

Just a quick note to thank you for the 2nd Hunting Bead, received yesterday, improved my side by side shooting this morning, plucking partridges as we speak.

Thanks Again.

Tom Murphy - Fife
First Class Customer Service

Received the product today and I want to thank you for your prompt assistance in this matter, your customer service has been fist class and I will be telling my shooting friends all about it, if I owe you any more please don't hesitate to let me know, too miserable up here for shooting but spring is on the way or so I'm told,

Kind regards, Tom

John Bidwell
High Lodge Shooting School

I recently fitted one of your EasyHit Beads to the shotgun of a right shouldered customer with a definite left master eye problem. After a few shots his hit rate was improved. We were both impressed with the effects.
I will stock it at High Lodge and recommend that people with an eye dominance problem give it a try.

Thank you.

Ross Straker, CPSA Instructor

Thanks again for the sight, since I put it on my gun it has done a fine job as you will see from my results. Getting high gun at registered competitions is very satisfying.
I shoot from the right shoulder and being right eye dominant the bead still gives me that extra confidence knowing my eye dominance won't change if I get tired. An excellent add-on for anyone and a great coaching tool. I don't even know it's there and long crossers need less concentration.


I have only been clay shooting for just over a year. I am left eye dominant and wear glasses as well.

Two weeks ago, after someone else told me about Easyhit, I purchased the Sport Shooting bead at Doveridge. They had a magnetic version that I mounted on my gun so that I could see what the impact was when I looked down the barrel. I bought one straightaway. I had seen it in other gun shops, like my local one that morning, but only Doveridge offered me a magnetic one to try on my gun.

Since putting it on my gun I have had loads of people asking me my view of it and had it improved my shooting.

I have shot twice since and my score has increased significantly. The difference is unreal.
Just to say thanks very much, to me it was £30 well spent. I would encourage people to ask to see the magnetic one so they can put it on their guns to try out as I did.

Many thanks,
Janet Wilson - Cheshire Club Shooter


Geoff Aspel, club shooter

For many years, I'd had problems hitting crossers, and decided to try the EasyHit bead, as frankly, I had nothing to lose. Almost immediately, I realised that I'd been shooting behind the bird, and with the new bead I not only realised where I had been pointing, but was able to pick up the bird and accelerate the barrel through. It was on a practice day, and instead of shooting around 50 clays, I found myself shooting nearly 150, because I was enjoying my new-found accuracy so much.

Mat Ilott, Game and Clay Shooter

A few weeks ago I started using one of your Easyhit Hunting beads on my side by side. What a difference!
Now, because of the results I achieved I have fitted one to my 32" MX2000 that I use for both Fitasc and Sporting. It just seems easier, especially long-range targets.
These beads are the best accessories I have bought for ages. I don't have an eye dominance problem but I am getting better scores.
Very impressed.

Franklin Reith, CPSA Instructor

This ingenious and well engineered product has an instant effect for both cross and indeterminate eye dominant shooters. Better hit rates make particularly novice and first-time shots much happier, a boon with corporate entertainment customers too. My clients have also endorsed this product unreservedly! Thank you for your speedy and professional support and service.

Dr Matthew Coups

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much indeed for sending me the EasyHit Shooting Bead. It was delivered very promptly on Saturday morning after my order on Friday.

I had noticed that my eyes were altering, and that I had a tendency to shoot up the left side, on straight targets.

I went pigeon shooting on Sunday in poor conditions, and fitted the Easy Hit bead to my Beretta with tape to see how it went. The bead was easily apparent, with both eyes open in the low light conditions, and my shooting was right on the button. I was very pleased with my ratio for the day. I shall be fixing that bead on now, and would be most grateful if you would send me two more to fit to my other guns. This seems an excellent product, which allows me to keep my binocular vision, and judge distances, but ensures correct alignment. It always helps if the gun is shooting where I'm looking!!

I will be quite happy to fit these to my game guns as they are really quite unobtrusive.

Many thanks,
M G Coups