Easyhit!! UK was founded in the UK by Graham Oades In early 2002. Graham discovered he had a completely dominant left eye and was right shouldered, but was totally unaware of the effect this was having on his shooting.  He was achieving less than 50% at shoots.  His gun fit was correct and for consistency had stuck rigidly to the CPSA 'Method' of shooting.

After trying many suggested remedies he, whilst in the US on holiday, purchased an Easyhit!! bead, and after using the new bead his scores climbed to 80%.  His own experience prompted him to find the source of the beads based in Europe and arranged to launch Easyhit!! UK, importing the beads direct from the manufacturer for the benefit of UK shooters.

Sadly in 2010 Graham had a stroke, he approached Paul Rendell as a friend and colleague, to join him and take over the running and management of the business which he did.  In 2016 it became apparent that he would not recover the abilities needed to run the company, so he decided to retire and arranged to fully handover the ownership and management of Easyhit!! UK in 2017.

Paul has been shooting and working in the industry since the late 1980’s as an Instructor, Safety Officer and Tutor and purchased his first Easyhit!! bead in 2005 from Graham - he used and promoted them ever since. He categorically endorses the effectiveness of the beads and has helped customers with any queries they may have had. Customer service has always been his priority.

Since then another product was added to the Easyhit!! UK range:

Easyhit!! PXS2000: Red Ring Optical Sight

In mid  2020 after much agonising and consideration and on reaching retirement age(!) Paul decided to retire and the obvious successor to take on the UK Easyhit!! Sales and Distributorship was his friend and colleague Guy Stockdale.  Guy has been involved with the selling of the fibre optic beads and the Red Ring sight for many years, working and assisting at events alongside Paul, and also via his own Shooting Sports website.

And so this very popular product continues to flourish.

“All there is left for me to do now is to thank all our loyal customers and wish Guy well for many years to come”

Paul Rendell - Managing Director of Easyhit UK Ltd 2016-2020