Testing for Eye Dominance

Step 1 - Prepare
Hold A CD or DVD between your trigger finger & thumb (fig 1). With both eyes open hold the CD/DVD with your arm straight at waist height in front of you. Slowly raise the disc at arms length to any small stationary object. Look through the hole at the chosen object. Repeat the exercise 3 times. (fig 2).


Step 2 - Check
On the third raising close or cover your left eye with your left hand if you are a right-shouldered shooter.
If you are a left shouldered shooter close or cover your right eye with your right hand.

Step 3 - Result
Does the object you were looking at through the hole vanish from view? Or is it still visible through the hole?

Step 4 - Reason
If the object remains visible your Master Eye is aligned to the rib which is good news. (You should now test for Middle Vision click here: Test for Central/Middle Vision

However, If the object vanishes from view you have Cross Eye Dominance which needs correction in order to shoot accurately with both eyes open.

So, during the test you started with both eyes open and then obscured or closed the eye not aligned to the rib. If the object moved it proves that the eye not aligned to the rib has the dominant view and will result in you pointing the gun in the wrong direction see click here: How it Works

Step 5 - Remedy
You need to find a way of establishing the dominance in the correct shooting eye (the eye that follows the line of the rib) ideally without reducing your peripheral vision (breadth of view) or binocular vision (judging distance).

The EasyHit!! bead is designed to achieve these objectives easily and naturally by tricking the brain into subconsciously and voluntarily accepting the eye over the rib as the dominant eye. The correction will continue until you remove the Easy Hit!! bead. The correcting effect of the Bead does not require you to look at it whilst shooting! As explained in How It Works and Why It Works