Fitting Instructions / Using the Bead / Performance in Low Light

The Company recommends that you open the packaging carefully. The instructions are contained on the inside cover. The VHB (Very High Bonding) tape will hold the bead in place permanently after light pressure is applied. Care and patience are advised to correctly position the bead before applying the pressure as there will be no opportunity to reposition the bead after application. The rib must be left to dry after application of the surface cleaner. Failure to do so will result in reducing the effectiveness of the VHB tape.


Following the fitting of the Easy Hit!! Bead some customers may require a short period of familiarisation in order to re-adjust their previously incorrect ‘lead pictures’ caused by the effect of cross eye dominance.


You are reminded that the device works because the brain registers the bead with the correct eye but not with the incorrect (cross dominant) eye. The key to the bead's success is the contrast in light registered by the brain. Therefore, the bead's performance will eventually be affected where very low light levels are caused by nightfall or seriously inclement weather. The Easy Hit!! Bead is subsequently, very unlikely to have any effect on improving eye dominance during night shooting.